Your broccoli comments could be viewed by some as market manipulation. Supply and demand can be a very personal and fickle thing, just like the like (or dislike) of broccoli.

Now, with the possibility of all your followers shunning the beautiful green flowering crest of that vegetable, the demand may drop, thus causing the supply to remain on the shelf with a comparative drop in the retail pricing to move the product.

You probably appreciate that broccoli has a very short shelf life. So thank you. I love broccoli!It could be you just have not found the correct preparation process to satisfy your personal palate. Maybe even now, your tastes have changed and the next thing you know the price of broccoli will again be on the rise.

Yet all things must pass — and broccoli is very helpful in that regard. R.G.Dear R.G.: Or maybe I really love broccoli and my plan all along has been to drive down the price so I can enjoy it more cheaply.Wouldn’t that be devious of me!

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