There’s no sugarcoating it: Big Tech has had a tough 2018. Reports of malign activity on tech platforms and user data being shared inappropriately have emerged almost daily over the past 12 months.

We started the year with new indictments by the Justice Department’s special counsel Robert Mueller, who charged Russian affiliates of the Kremlin with interfering with the 2016 US presidential election through social media platforms.

That was swiftly followed by revelations that Cambridge Analytica, a digital-political consulting firm engaged by the Trump campaign, had gained access to Facebook data associated with 87 million users, most of them American voters. Since then, there has been an avalanche of news of privacy incidents, security breaches, governmental inquiries and corporate missteps on a near-weekly basis.

There are no signs of it letting up as we head into 2019. In fact, if anything, things are only heating up. It’s a reality that does not bode well for the industry; the very future of the companies and their leaders are at stake as they play whack-a-mole just to keep their corporate reputations — and stock prices — afloat.

So, what will be the top five tech challenges to emerge in the coming year? Here are the ones we anticipate being top of mind in 2019:

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