Triple Frontier – which has a rather interesting developmental history that goes back almost a decade and includes names like Kathryn Bigelow, Tom Hanks, and Johnny Depp – is the latest in the streaming service’s “A-List Cast Elevates B-List Content” lineup. That’s not to say there aren’t intriguing and gripping elements to this sneakily sinister soldiers-of-fortune story, but by the time it all wraps up, it really doesn’t have anything interesting to say or real message to convey.

Triple Frontier is pretty solid for the first two acts, but then it nobly crumbles in the the final dash when it can’t quite figure out who these characters are in a crisis and we’re left with a bunch of “heroism” in the guise of “let’s try to minimize the damage we’ve caused as much as possible by maybe not killing so many people from here on out.”

It’s a wishy-washy endgame, with the story not being able to truly sort out if these guys deserve the money they’ve stolen. Or if they do, maybe not all of it. Maybe just some of it. You actually get a little caught up wondering just how much they’re going to wind up with, in some sick and weird tallying of debts. It sounds silly, yes, but once these guys complete their mission there’s a parade of misfortune in which they basically rack up a bill, a moral owing, trying to escape South America and pay it, over time, with the millions they’re trying to lug around in bags.

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