The Yankees arrived at Rivalry Game 1 with a healthy-player problem as substantial as their well-chronicled injury epidemic.

No doubt the Yankees were enduring one body blow after another. But they still had more talent than the Orioles, Tigers and White Sox, who had sent the Yankees to losses in their first three home series for just the second time ever. They had enough talent to have leads in all but one of their nine losses.

“Regardless of what has happened [with injuries] we have been more than capable of winning games and we haven’t,” Brian Cashman said.

The Yankees general manager offered the insight Tuesday afternoon, not long after the team placed Greg Bird on the injured list. It was the Yankees’ 13th deployment already this season, the 12th player currently on it. Cashman also spoke those words before James Paxton threw the first of the most impactful 110 pitches of this young Yankees season.

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