Here in New York, the air is crisp and the leaves have begun to turn crimson and brown. That can only mean one thing: hardware season is upon us. Backdropped by cloudy, gray Manhattan skies, Google  is set to take to the stage on Tuesday, October 15, to show off its just-in-time-for-the-holidays hardware line.

As ever, the event will be headlined by the latest version of the company’s flagship smartphone, the Pixel. But this event has always been packed. The Google Nest (née Home) line has long been a highlight. This time last year, we got our first peek at the company’s very good Home Hub smart display.

Based on the rumors, this year is shaping up to be a veritable deluge of Google Hardware news. In addition to multiple Pixel versions, we’re also anticipating a new addition to the Pixelbook line and, perhaps even a new take on the company’s lukewarmly received Pixel Buds.

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