The word that Senior Editor Chris Velazco used to sum up his experience reviewing the iPad Pro 12.9 was “wow.” While the ever popular tablet offers sleek hardware, an “absurdly fast” A12X Bionic chipset and a significantly improved Apple Pencil, it still lacks features on the software side that would have made it a realistic laptop replacement.

Despite its speedy performance, Chris felt limited by iOS 12’s abilities and continually needed work arounds to accomplish tasks that would have been simple on a laptop. While the iPad Pro 12.9 is an “impressive technical achievement,” Chris ultimately wanted more from the software side and gave the tablet a solid, but not spectacular, score of 84. Users were actually more disappointed by iOS 12, awarding the device an average score of 78.

Across the board, people appreciated the hardware improvements featured in the iPad Pro 12.9: Tyler gave them a 10/10, Jan called them sublime and Ali said “the design is fantastic.” Lori felt its dimensions were “refreshingly large” if a bit heavy, while Ali thought it “would be great if they reduced the size to 12.0 or 12.5” inches. The bezel was also a big hit; Bing Shaw said it “is all balance, no matter how you hold it” and Lori didn’t miss the “forehead/chin areas like my old iPad had.”

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