It is “terrifyingly easy” to build a killer drone that can identify targets and make decisions to fire on its own, experts have warned.Fears are growing that the snowballing production of deadly autonomous weapons could result in terrorist attacks and airports being held to ransom by individuals and extremist groups.

China is already “aggressively” exporting the most sophisticated killer drones and pilotless aircraft to Asia, Africa and combat zones in the Middle East.

But Pentagon defense expert and ex-US Army Ranger Paul Scharre pointed out that it takes just seconds for anyone to find all the software and pieces needed to build your own weaponized drone.

Hundreds of YouTube videos instruct viewers how to attach guns and AK-47s to drones — that can easily be bought online — from their own garage.It is still completely legal to build and fly a weaponized drone on your property in the US.

You can even download trained neural networks for free that would enable the drone to identify targets and make decisions on its own.

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