If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to live on Mars, Google will take you there for free.Google Street View has added images of Devon Island, the largest uninhabited island on the planet to its images. Known as an “unlivable” island, the desolate area in the Canadian Arctic has been nicknamed “Mars on Earth,” as its climate and landscape are the closest environments to the Red Planet on Earth.

Google has also created a website for Devon Island, noting that the “polar-desert climate and barren, rocky terrain” are perfect for researchers who come here every summer in an effort to prepare for future explorations to the Red Planet.

The tech giant worked with researchers who are part of the Haughton Mars Project (HMP). The project looks at different technologies, strategies and training methods for future missions to Mars, as well as the Moon and other planetary bodies, according to its website.

Of particular interest is the 23-million-year-old Haughton crater, which “resembles the Mars surface in more ways than any other place on Earth,” HMP’s website adds.

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