Even if the new phone doesn’t sell as many units as Samsung expects — according to the Korean financial paper The Bell, the company is expected to produce only one million units — Samsung has generated an insane amount of buzz that was previously only reserved for Apple.

The Fold has opened newscasts and newspaper front pages all over the planet while taking over blogs, Reddit, and the twitterverse in real time. Thanks to this first-of-a-kind folding device (the Royole FlexPai is way too unwieldy and pedestrian to own that crown), Samsung has effectively turned into the new Apple. They are the innovators. They are ahead of the game.

But the success won’t stop with the news buzz. Its sudden virality, combined with its sleek design — this thing looks out of a Westworld episode — and its unreachable price, has served to catapult the Fold into an instant status symbol.

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