Given the popularity of other nostalgic throwbacks like the NES and SNES Classic consoles, it’s easy to see what Sony was trying to do when they released the PlayStation Classic in December. Devindra Hardawar even pointed out in his review that the system was “a quick attempt by Sony to cash in on the micro-console trend.”

While the Classic did have a decent look and feel, the 20 game selection was unlikely to satisfy fans, the controllers lacked DualShock and the inclusion of the PAL versions of some titles was baffling. These disappointments — and an initial price point of $100 — were enough to push the console’s score down to 67.

The body of the system, an adorably sized replica of the 1994 original, has USB connections for the controllers, an HDMI output and micro-USB for charging. Users were largely pleased with the smaller, look-alike shell: DonPolo said it’s “nicely designed and a great addition to my existing classic console collection,” while CrazyCanuck loved its design, noting that “it’s almost a perfect replica of the [PlayStation] I played, and spent far too much time with.”

Dev may have felt that Sony cheaped out on the controllers, but they were still popular with user reviewers; both Kevin and Timmmay called them great.

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