The Kevin Hart Oscars hosting controversy is just the latest scandal to haunt the bedeviled Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences — and to knock ABC’s reputation farther into the basement.

With the Feb. 24 telecast not as far away as you think — and the memory of last Oscar’s 20 percent ratings drop fresh in everyone’s mind — the Academy is scrambling to find a host. But no one seems to want the job; those who might have seemed initially appealing (Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman, former two-time host Chris Rock) have been deemed unsuitable because of prior controversial remarks and/or tweets.

Yes, the choice of who hosts the biggest showbiz event of the year has come down to what’s on your Twitter feed.

The Academy’s past attempts to pander to the young demographic have been doomed. In 2011, it paired Anne Hathaway and James Franco in an attempt to “get young,” and came up with a truly bizarre evening. In 2019, it will be very surprising if any “kids,” outside of those who work for media companies, watch the Oscars.

If they care at all who wins, they look it up on Twitter or Instagram. They certainly won’t park their rear ends on a couch for up to four hours waiting for some star’s name to be called — as if it’s 1972 and some instant classic like “The Godfather” is going to win Best Picture.

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