Get ready, the march of the “decacorns” is coming to Wall Street.What’s a decacorn? A few short years ago, if you were a private company with a valuation north of $1 billion, you were dubbed a “unicorn.” This new crop of tech darlings have valuations of far more than $10 billion.

Last week kicked off the IPO march with Lyft, the smaller but still massive competitor to Uber that went public at $72 per share and raised approximately $2.2 billion — giving it a market capitalization of about $24 billion.

Uber will be coming to market next month, and is — for now — expected to be valued at $120 billion.Airbnb, the peer-to-peer lodging platform, is also scheduled to go public this year at a valuation of over $30 billion.This giant disruptor — funded in 2009 with just $20,000 from Y Combinator — just knocked down the door to the hotel industry.

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