Greg Olsen says he was a little surprised by the “weird” comments Kelvin Benjamin made about Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers, adding that the quarterback is “the best thing that’s ever happened to my career.”

“It’s kind of weird,” said Olsen when asked Sunday what he believed might have sparked Benjamin’s sharp criticism. “I think we all felt the same way. We all wish Kelvin the best. Obviously, things change, but, again, we’ve talked at length about how guys around here feel about Cam. Obviously you don’t like people going after your quarterback, but I think Cam knows how the guys around here feel about him.”

Benjamin, who now plays on the Buffalo Bills, told The Athletic’s Tim Graham he should have never been drafted by the Panthers, calling his time in Carolina a “a bad fit from the get-go.” He also said playing with Newton didn’t put him in a position to succeed with the team.

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