It sounds like a cruel plot twist in a WWE storyline, but the news is real.

Vince McMahon, the longtime boss of the wrestling empire, has tapped two of his ex-rivals to run the weekly shows “Monday Night Raw” and “SmackDown Live” — a surprise move that looks like a gut punch for his son-in-law Paul Levesque, a top executive at the company.

The two new hires — Paul Heyman, the former president of one-time WWE challenger Extreme Championship Wrestling, and Eric Bischoff, former president of Ted Turner’s defunct World Championship Wrestling — on Thursday were named executive directors of “Raw” and “SmackDown,” respectively.

“It’s a dream come true,” said Eric Sherman, the former chief strategy officer of Impact Wrestling, a weekly show on the Canada-based Fight Network. “Vince now has his two toughest competitors over the years in charge of his business.”

Sherman saw the shuffle as “a big slap in the face” to Levesque, who is married to the boss’s daughter Stephanie McMahon, WWE’s chief brand officer, and who wrestles in the ring under the name “Triple-H.”

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