The telecom company will start selling 5G service later this year. It won’t appear in smartphones for some time, but 5G will be fast enough to provide internet service to a home. To entice customers to sign on, Verizon will offer a kind of double-play service that Comcast and its competitors offer: Television.

Partnering with Apple (AAPL) and Google (GOOGL), Verizon will give 5G internet customers a choice: YouTube TV service or an Apple TV. Verizon has not announced the terms, but Bloomberg reports that Verizon will offer them free.

The 5G double-play offer is particularly notable because Verizon has resisted media mergers. AT&T launched WatchTV, a free live television package for 4G customers, days after it bought Time Warner. Verizon wants to stick to digital, with its Yahoo and AOL businesses.

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