President Donald Trump brought his own royal entourage to Britain.

On his first state visit to the United Kingdom, Trump brought his wife and four adult children, but it wasn’t just family that tagged along for the ride. Close friends such as Chris Ruddy, CEO of the conservative media organization Newsmax, made the trip and attended the state banquet Monday night.

The coterie surrounding Trump appeared to provide a buffer throughout the day for the highly anticipated interactions between the unruly American leader and Britain’s well-mannered royal family. The seamless interactions with Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and a host of other British royals stood in contrast with Trump’s pre-arrival Twitter bombast and norm-busting interviews with the British media.

The set up wasn’t an accident. While officials know they can’t stop the Trump tweetstorms — including a heated outburst calling London Mayor Sadiq Khan a “stone cold loser” — they hoped the circle of close friends, family and advisers would at least protect the president’s time with the royals, a former White House official said. First lady Melania Trump reportedly prepared for the trip by studying certain protocols, including walking and speaking directives, to which guests of the queen are meant to adhere in her presence.

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