The White House has repeatedly shown nothing but disdain for a fundamental principle of US democracy — the checks and balances of lawmaker oversight — in a string of escalating showdowns.
On Monday alone, a Democratic-led House committee scheduled a vote on holding Attorney General William Barr in contempt over his refusal to send Congress the un-redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report.
Later, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin declined a request to hand over Trump’s tax returns in accordance with a little used provision of the law governing the IRS. House Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal said he would seek legal advice, but a court battle is inevitable. It would not be a surprise if Mnuchin also eventually faces a contempt charge.
Democrats may also vote to hold Trump’s former White House counsel Don McGahn in contempt of Congress if he fails to provide subpoenaed documents related to the Russia investigation by a 10 a.m. ET deadline on Tuesday, a source involved in the discussions told CNN. The White House has signaled it might invoke executive privilege to prevent the handover and testimony by McGahn.