The Trump administration’s fiscal 2020 budget proposal won’t become law, but the “Budget for a Better America” does make clear which programs the president backs and which ones are on the outs. Members of the military, HIV testing and border security fare well; not so favored are health programs, farmers and food stamp recipients.

The electronic nicotine industry would pay up to $100 million in user fees under President Donald Trump’s plan to help the Food and Drug Administration regulate e-cigarettes, which aren’t currently subject to FDA approval.

 U.S. troops would get a hefty 3.1 percent pay raise next year, up from 2.6 percent this year, if Congress agrees to the president’s request. That would be the largest boost in a decade and would be paid for under the umbrella of a 5 percent overall increase in defense spending, made possible by a budget workaround even Republican lawmakers are calling a “gimmick.”

A total of $174 billion of Trump’s $750 billion request for the Defense Department would be stashed in an account that doesn’t count toward the budget caps meant to keep the government from running ever-higher debt and deficit tabs.

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