President Trump scoffed at the idea that he has anything to fear from any of his potential 2020 rivals from the New York area — saying they’d make dream challengers.“Fear? Fear? Do you mean fear or dream about?” he told The Post in the Oval Office Wednesday. “I dream about them. So far everyone that I’ve seen I’m dreaming about.”

One by one he ticked off the possibilities.“I’d love to run against Little Michael,” he said, referring to former Mayor Michael Bloomberg who is exploring a bid.

“I would love to run against him. He’s been fighting me hard. He spent $100 million against me – that didn’t work. He spent a lot of money last night against Cindy Hyde-Smith. That didn’t work out so well,” Trump said.

Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith, the Republican contender, easily beat back Democrat Mike Espyin a Mississippi runoff election Tuesday night after Trump made two appearances on her behalf Monday night.

“I’d love to run against Michael. I don’t know if he’s going to run, but I’d love it,” Trump repeated.When asked about Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), Trump recalled how she used to ask him for contributions.“She’d be up in Trump Tower not asking, a stronger word than asking, for campaign contributions,” Trump said. “I know her very well. I supported her early on.”

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