Senate Republicans say that for all his bellicose rhetoric, President Donald Trump doesn’t want a war — and neither do they.

Some Republican hawks are pushing for an aggressive approach with Iran, arguing that military conflict may be unavoidable. Yet their vocal warnings are obscuring the fact that many in the GOP don’t want to fight and that Trump himself is deeply reluctant to entangle the United States in foreign interventions.

Entering a critical day of briefings on Capitol Hill, Trump has broad support in the Republican Party for a show of strength in the Middle East. They’re standing behind his multiple threats that any provocation by Iran would essentially be the end of the country.

“They’ve been very hostile,” Trump told reporters on Monday evening. “We have no indication that anything has happened or will happen, but if it does, it will be met obviously with great force. We’ll have no choice.”But there are limits to how much support Trump could count on from his own party should military action be seriously considered.

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