Princess dolls, unicorns and cute, fuzzy, collectible critters are a big focus for toy sellers this year — and that’s partly because of “Fortnite.”Demand for girls’ toys is on the rise, industry insiders say, even as “Fortnite” — a video-game sensation that has become an obsession worldwide — pulls boys’ attention away from everything from action figures to remote-controlled cars.

While some manufacturers are still angling to distract boys with poop toys, drones and even “Fortnite”-licensed blaster guns — more say they’re instead placing bigger bets on the girls side of the business.

Earlier this month at the annual Toy Fair New York trade show in Manhattan, about two-thirds of the toys in the booth operated by WowWee — the maker of the top-selling Fingerlings finger puppets — were aimed at girls. Those included a line of wearable, magnetized critters called Pixie Belles.

“The girl-toy segment is flat-out bigger, and there is more opportunity because girls stick around the toy shelf a little longer,” WowWee brand manager Andrew Yanofsky told The Post.

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