The 2018 release of the Roomba i7+ marked a turning point for iRobot. Finally, the company offered a feature they’d long requested: A vacuum capable of emptying itself without intervention from its human owner.

The i7+ also provided users like reviewer Devindra Hardawar with quieter, yet still exceptional cleaning performance and accurate room mapping software.

However, these sought-after features came with a premium price tag of $1,100, dropping the vacuum’s Engadget score to 87. User reviewers, who tend to judge more harshly, gave the Roomba i7+ an average score of 77.

The major highlight of the i7+ model is the aforementioned self-emptying feature, which redirects a full Roomba back to its Clean Base dock to connect and automatically empty the bin.

Though it took Devindra a few attempts to find the best spot for the 19-by-15-inch dock, no one else reported having issues placing the Roomba’s base. Jerry said finding a “three foot space for it to dock at was easy.”

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