An uncomfortable moment comes halfway through Matthew Weiner’s new Amazon Prime series “The Romanoffs.”

In the episode, titled “Bright and High Circle,” a wealthy couple discusses whether or not to fire a piano teacher who has been anonymously accused of inappropriate conduct with a student. Throughout the story, it’s revealed that the teacher has very little sense of professional boundaries, told one of their sons blowjob jokes and probably bought another student alcohol.

Any one of these facts is good enough reason to fire a teacher or, at least, not leave them alone with your kids. And yet the episode concludes with the husband admonishing his children that, “Bearing false witness is the worst crime you can commit. Otherwise, anybody can say anything about anybody. And just saying it ruins their life.”

The monologue feels a little self-serving given that Weiner was accused of sexual harassment by female TV writer Kater Gordon in 2017.

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