First things first: The theme song of the week is The Tonight Show theme song by Rickey Minor.

Poll of the week: An ABC News/Washington Post poll finds that only 37% of Americans approve of the job President Donald Trump is doing. A significantly higher 58% disapprove. This makes for a net approval rating of -21 points.
The previous ABC/Washington Post poll put Trump’s net approval rating at -13 points, so his net approval rating fell by 8 points.
What’s the point: Make no mistake: Trump lost the shutdown fight. The ABC News/Washington Post poll is merely the latest to show that Trump’s approval rating was plummeting. In average of all recent polls, Trump’s net approval rating had dropped 6 points compared to before the shutdown.
Moreover, it was clear that the longer the shutdown, the worse it was getting for Trump. Just two weeks ago (i.e. halfway into the shutdown), Trump’s net approval rating had declined only 3 points. In other words, half the drop occurred in the last two weeks.

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