Citing posts owners have made on Internet sites, Business Korea is reporting that many Galaxy S10 5G owners are having connectivity problems when the handset switches from 5G to LTE. The phone apparently has no issue connecting to 5G networks, but when folks move away from 5G and need to connect to LTE, data service is turned off and they lose a connection to the internet.

Worst of all, the smartphone doesn’t get back its connection until users try to reboot the device several times over.

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G is the fourth model in the company’s Galaxy S10 lineup. Samsung has previously released a budget-friendly Galaxy S10e, as well as the standard Galaxy S10. The Galaxy S10 Plus has been the highest-end model until the Galaxy S10 5G launched.

For now, the Galaxy S10 5G is available only in Korea. Samsung is expected to start pre-orders on the Galaxy S10 5G in the U.S. this month and launch it on May 16 to Verizon’s network as a short-term exclusive. The smartphone will come to other U.S. carriers later this year.

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