Lukewarm critical reviews and low fan expectations are raising questions about the viability of “The Conners,” the “Roseanne” spinoff set to premiere Tuesday night on ABC. The network’s June firing of star Roseanne Barr may make survival tough for one of TV’s most beloved families.

In a TV Insider poll last month, 75 percent of viewers said they would not watch “The Conners” spinoff without Barr, whose namesake sitcom reboot was axed after Barr drew widespread outrage concerning a racist tweet about the physical appearance of former White House adviser Valerie Jarrett, a person of color.

Like fans, critics aren’t exactly enthusiastic about the spinoff series, either. After viewing two sample episodes, Deadline Hollywood critic Dominic Patten describes the show as an “adequate offering” that’s “packed with jokes and one-liners you can see coming long before they land and full of scenarios you’ve seen a million times before on the small screen.”

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