The drip of leaks from the once impenetrable Apple has become a stunning tsunami. From details of the circuit board, through close examination of the camera unit, to 3D prints of the leaked CAD models, it’s possible to come up with a very clear view of Apple’s upcoming iPhones. And the picture is pretty boring. Looking at the information in aggregate, I keep coming back to one simple question.

Apart from the hardcore fanatics, who exactly will be interested in 2019’s new iPhone?
2019’s iPhones will come with iOS 13 and Apple has a number of new software features in the code – but Apple (like the competition in Android) has ensured backwards compatibility of the code. Almost all of the benefits will be available to the older handsets. The additional value in the software will not be reflected in many of the sales.

The exception may be users still running the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S who will not have access to iOS 13. Given time app access to iOS 12 and earlier will fall away, but there’s no cliff edge to force an upgrade.

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