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Samsung’s 2019 TVs can remotely access your PC


Samsung’s smart TV models for 2019 and beyond will come with the power to control and display compatible apps installed on your PC, laptop or smartphone. They’ll come loaded with a new feature called “Remote Access,” which will allow them to, well, remotely access your other devices through a wireless connection. For desktops, it’s through an IP network, while for laptops and mobile, it’s through your WiFi.

You’ll simply have to connect a mouse and a keyboard to the smart TV to be able to access a PC in your bedroom while you’re in the living room, for instance. Want to play games on a screen much bigger than your phones’? The feature can make that happen, as well.

In addition, it will give you access to web browser-based cloud office service so you can open work files directly on the TV.

Since it sounds like not every application and program is compatible with the feature, don’t expect to be able to open everything you want to. The good news is that you can use Remote Access anywhere in the world and not just in select markets.

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