Last week I obtained an exclusive image of Samsung’s redesigned Galaxy S10and it shows a phone worthy of the 10th-anniversary hype. That said, Samsung may be about to undo all the goodwill after it confirmed the cancellation of a beloved Galaxy feature…

This week Samsung gave users a glimpse into the future of its smartphone design and it features an all-new bezel-less ‘punch hole’ Infinity-O display and the end of the headphone jack.

These polarising changes are the headline attributes of the newly launched Samsung ‘Galaxy A8s’, a limited edition model (it won’t hit Europe or the US) which roadtests design changes the company has promised for its future flagships.

Its arrival also follows earlier reports that Samsung planned to remove the headphone jackfrom the Galaxy Note 10 and was now “toying” with pulling it from the Galaxy S10 as well. “The USB-C port will be left, and a separate conversion jack will be provided for 3.5mm earphone users,” sources claimedat the time.

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