Russia’s disinformation campaign continued after the 2016 election and targeted Special Counsel Robert Mueller, spreading false narratives that he is corrupt and has ties to Islamic extremism, The Washington Post reported.

Russian operatives set up scores of fake Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, and used them to spread falsehoods about the FBI being corrupt and conspiracy theories that Mueller’s investigation into Russian collusion is a plot by Trump critics.

One Instagram meme claimed Mueller had previously worked with “radical Islamic groups.”The meme is a photo of Mueller underneath a phrase that reads: “Russia special counsel Mueller worked with radical Islamic groups to purge anti-terrorism training material offensive to Muslims.”

Another meme aimed to undermine the Russia investigation claimed former FBI director James Comey is a “dirty cop.”Two reports that examine the Russian troll farm Internet Research Agency concluded that the operatives targeted Mueller, and also aimed to sow discord among U.S. voters.

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