Nothing says fall like picking your own apples — and having more fruit than you know what to do with. Yes, pie is the obvious method to use up some Galas or Golden Deliciouses, but that’s likely to burn though only a half-dozen or so apples, if that.

“You’re like, ‘Oh, I’ve used five apples, and now I have, like, 20 more,” says Alex Baker, the chef at West Village brasserie Yves and a big fan of the fruit.

“When you eat an apple, you just feel so healthy,” she says. “Crunchy, sweet and sour, it just hits all the right notes.”

But, as with zucchini in the summer, putting all of autumn’s bounty to good use requires creativity and a willingness to think outside of the pie tin and tart pan.

There’s an “incredible range of textures you can get from apples, from super crisp to super gooey, depending on how they’re prepared,” says Wade Moises, executive chef at Rosemary’s Pizza, where he serves a ginger apple fizz for dessert. And, “apples naturally have [both] sweetness and acidity.”