James Paxton struggles in the first inning, which doesn’t rank as altogether different than, say, Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer continually messing up the cheese fries. It’s a pretty vital skill to lack in the respective fields of work.

As fortune would have it, of the currently healthy Yankees starting pitchers, you might tab Paxton as the most likely to dominate a postseason opponent, with the stipulation that Masahiro Tanaka (experience) and Domingo German (2019 performance) also would be acceptable answers.

So in light of recent events, including Paxton’s lemon of a showing on a sweaty Sunday at Yankee Stadium, let’s flip the Yankees’ big question 90 degrees. “Can they land an October ace?” is so 2007 (Curt Schilling’s last season). Instead, the Yankees must self-evaluate through this prism:

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