Did you know that the greatest single threat the world faces today is single, middle-aged women? I didn’t either. But the movies are dead certain they’re coming to murder us all.

“Greta,” a thriller that came out earlier this year, starred Isabelle Huppert as a creepy New York woman who befriends a naive 20-something, only to become her crazed stalker.

The latest example of lurking ladies is “Ma,” director Tate Taylor’s film led by that notoriously terrifying monster Octavia Spencer.

The warm-as-apple-pie actress plays against type as a veterinary assistant named Sue Ann, who one day buys a group of local teens some booze and invites them to chug it in the safety — ha! — of her suburban basement. The students drink up, including Maggie (Diana Silvers), who just moved to town.And then Ma gets clingy.

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