More details are coming out around Samsung’s family of Galaxy S10 devices. With the attention is now on the S10 Plus the latest information give us the clearest idea yet of the upcoming South Korean flagship.

The S10 Plus is the third of four handsets, lying just behind the powerful Galaxy S10 Ultra (which is expected to be the ‘specs monster’ with multiple cameras and potentially 5G connectivity), just ahead of the standard Galaxy S10, and well ahead of the entry-level S10 model. The Plus likely denotes a larger screen size (much as it does with the S9 and S9 Plus).

The latest leaked details confirm the 6.4 inch screen, a 1440×3040 resolution display, and up to five cameras (two selfie cameras and three on the read). We also have the dimensions of the handset, according to reports at SamMobile:

All of these details back up the notion that the Galaxy S10 Plus, the ‘large’ version of the standard S10 handset is going to feel physically close to the Galaxy Note 9. It may not come with an embedded holder for the S-Pen, but I’m intrigued to know if the BlueTooth enabled stylus will work with the S10 Plus (or any of the S10 handsets).

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