If you couldn’t get enough of Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson’s buddy-cop comedy vibes in Captain Marvel, you’re likely as pumped as I was for their reteam in Unicorn Store. Hot off the success of her MCU hit, Larson is rolling out her directorial debut exclusively on Netflix. This quirky coming-of-age comedy wears its glittery heart on its sleeve and boasts a stellar supporting cast that includes Deadpool’s Karan Soni, Party Down’s Ryan Hansen, Superbad’s Martha MacIsaac, Get Out’s Bradley Whitford, and comedic genius Joan Cusack. Plus, it gives us the sensational spectacle of Samuel L. Jackson in a bright pink business suit and an afro streaked with tinsel. Yet somehow this promising comedy is an astounding misfire.

Written by Samantha McIntyre, Unicorn Store centers on Kit (Larson) a lonely young woman whose expulsion from art school has left her lost on how to become an adult. Kit is obsessed with rainbows and unicorns. Her closest friends are her Care Bears. The soles of her feet are literally caked in glitter (for some reason). At 29, Kit is the kind of “failure to launch” Millennial lamented about in Baby Boomer-penned op-eds. She’s unemployed, lives in her parents’ house, watches TV all day, yet feels entitled to some special destiny.

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