When the unexpected success of the “Roseanne” reboot gave way to an onslaught of TV revivals, the announcement that “Murphy Brown,” the smart comedy about TV journalism, would be among them seemed like a sad surrender. Surely, nothing was sacred.

But it sounded like a better idea once Candice Bergen stole the summer comedy hit movie “Book Club” from co-stars Jane Fonda and Diane Keaton. Bergen, 72, was the gorgeous actress whose comic potential was underestimated by Hollywood for years. If she could win five Emmys for playing Murphy Brown 20 years ago, maybe she could make everyone laugh again.

“Murphy” creator Diane English was game to give a 13-episode order a go. So was Bergen. “We are so happy,” she says. “We have seven of our original writers. Four of our original cast members.” Together they spoke to The Post from Bergen’s trailer at the Kaufman-Astoria Studios.

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