MoviePass is once again making changes to its membership plans. The company that has been locked in a cycle of never-ending, often self-inflicted turmoil is reportedly getting ready to re-introduce a version of its unlimited movie plan, according to Variety.

The membership level will do away with any limits on how many movies a person can see in a month, but no price for the unlimited plan has been announced. Khalid Itum, the executive vice president of MoviePass, said the plan would arrive next week, so we won’t have to wait long for more details.

MoviePass first launched with an unlimited plan that allowed people to see as many movies as they wanted for just $10 per month. That model turned out to be about as unsustainable as it seemed and the company quickly started making changes once it started running out of cash.

First, the company prevented its subscribers from seeing the same movie more than once, then it upped the monthly fee by $5. It later capped its previously unlimited plan at just three movies per month and limited the available movies to a curated selection of films. The company secured additional funding in recent months and has attempted to distance itself from its troubled parent company, but still seems like a total mess of a business.

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