The lynching of a woman in central India because it was rumored that she was part of a gang kidnapping kids has forced WhatsApp to place a limit on forwarding messages.

It comes on the back of a public relations nightmare for the Facebook-owned messaging service after the Indian government recently accused WhatsApp message forwarding of fueling the deadly rumors.

Lynch mobs in India have killed 21 people in the last two months over unfounded allegations forwarded on WhatsApp, AFP reports.

WhatsApp has announced restrictions on the ability of users in India to forward content, as the latest attempt to curb mob violence sparked by rumors spread through the hugely popular app.

In India, the limit on forwarding is five chats at once. For WhatsApp users outside India, the limit on forwarding will be 20.

India, a nation of 1.25 billion people, is no stranger to mob violence, with well-documented cases of crowds turning on victims for every manner of transgression, real or imagined.\

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