MICROSOFT HAS ANNOUNCED an update to its Outlook mobile app that, apparently, makes it secure enough for use within the US government. Yes, this is the same app that members of the European Parliament were forced told to uninstall due to privacy concerns.

Microsoft’s newly-pushed out updates, it claims, now meets the security and compliance requirements of the Government Community Cloud (GCC) High and the Department of Defence, and now complies with Impact Levels 4 and 5 of the Department of Defence’s (DoD) Cloud Computing Security Requirements Guide.

An official statement by Microsoft swooned: “We’re excited that the Government Community Cloud High and DoD customers can adopt Outlook mobile at this time. Our aim is to help all customers stay connected and on top of what’s important while on the go and with confidence that their sensitive information is more protected.”

It adds that US government customers can now manage their calendar and emails securely on the app, while employees of the DoD will be able to access even the government’s most sensitively controlled unclassified information.

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