The Mets’ insistence on placing a tariff on the Yankees reeks of insecurity. When a team, in this case the one owned by the Wilpons, essentially quarantines another one from trade talks, that does not represent an out-of-the-box approach. Rather it boxes in management by reducing the field by one.

What are the Wilpons afraid of in declaring that the Yankees’ offer for Noah Syndergaard would have to be leaps and bounds better than the next-best offer in order to consummate a trade? That the righthander with the stuff and attitude to front a headless rotation would maximize his talents in The Bronx and pitch the Yankees to their first World Series and championship in 10 years?

What would that have to do with the price of tickets in Queens if the return enhances the Mets’ chances of returning to the postseason this year or in the immediate future?

Isn’t the primary objective to add a third World Series banner for the home team rather than obstructing the other team’s chance to win its 28th? Or was the latter one of the bullet points on Brodie Van Wagenen’s presentation when he successfully applied for the general manager’s job last October?

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