Apple’s new Smart Battery cases give the XS and XS Max dramatically better battery life, and they tie elegantly into iOS to boot. Of course, strapping this case onto the super-sized Max might push it to a point where it doesn’t work for everyone, but that goes for any battery case. If you’re wondering about the XR’s case — we received that one a little later than the others and will update the review when we’ve gathered enough data.

Streaming detonated the film and television industries. The advent of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube Premium sounded the death knell for multi-billion dollar businesses, altered the living-room habits of millions of people and changed studio production structures permanently.

Now, the technology and infrastructure necessary for consumer-scale seamless game-streaming is nearly here. NVIDIA, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Verizon and more major companies are making moves in this space, and they are almost ready to roll out their own Netflix-style gaming services as early as this year.

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