Marvel and Stitcher have unveiled their next big podcast collaboration, and this one is aimed squarely at long-time fans. Their next project, Marvels, premieres in fall 2019 and will revisit the similarly titled 1994 story from Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross.

The tale takes place in the aftermath of the Fantastic Four’s climactic battle with Galactus and documents the experiences of a photographer, a jaded journalist and a college student as they investigate “one of the most super-powered conspiracy theories.”

The series will continue the pattern of attracting talent that you’ll recognize. Method Man is involved, for a start — yes, a Wu-Tang Clanmember is involved in the Marvel universe.

You can also expect Star Trek: Discovery‘s Ethan Peck, The Act‘s AnnaSophia Robb and Billions‘ Seth Barrish as the central character Phil Sheldon.

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