Marriott International is shamelessly ripping a page out of Airbnb’s playbook.The largest hotel company in the world, with 7,000 properties and 1.3 million rooms, has been quietly renting homes and apartments in four European cities for the past year — and is gearing up to expand the program elsewhere, including in the US.

Homes & Villas by Marriott, which has been discreetly operating in Paris, Rome, London and Lisbon since 2018, is launching next week and will include 2,000 homes in the US, Europe, Caribbean and Latin America, the company said on Monday.

It’s an about-face for the hotel giant, which for nearly a decade has joined with other hoteliers to complain bitterly about Airbnb’s tactics, accusing it of not paying taxes, providing an unsafe environment for guests and skirting local laws.

But Bethesda, Md.-based Marriott, owner of Ritz-Carlton and Sheraton, does not want to be left on the sidelines while customers defect to Airbnb and other home-sharing sites like Vrbo and Homestay.

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