The LG rollable TV is going on sale in 2019, and while you might be skeptical about the practical benefits of flexible, you can’t help but be wowed when you see the screen in person. Shown off in production form at CES 2019 this week, the LG Signature OLED TV R can be both as expansive as a flagship 65-inch set, but as discreet as a chunky soundbar.

We’ll admit, we weren’t sure production was ever really on the cards for the LG rollable OLED TV. Back at CES 2018 when the company showed it off in prototype form, it seemed more akin to a glitzy demonstration of the display-maker’s manufacturing prowess more than an intention for actual sales.

After all, the Consumer Electronics Show is notorious for eye-catching demos that rely on our fading memories to overlook the fact that they never actually reach store shelves. LG, though, seems committed to the rollable OLED. Indeed, it has been improving the idea significantly in the intervening twelve months.

The core premise is the same. The OLED panel itself supports 4K resolution, and runs the same webOS-based software as LG’s other recent TVs. There are HDMI 2.1 ports on the back, and it’ll arrive with support for both the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Apple AirPlay 2 streaming will also be supported.

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