The highest-browed superhero TV series ended on a low note for both characters and viewers last season. Last night’s Legion season three premiere—the final season—was a sort of recalibration to season one, where David is dealing with several mental health issues, and also everything else in the world is weird as hell, too. It’s a solid start…I just don’t know if that’s enough.

The problem is, of course, David Haller’s (Dan Stevens) abominable sexual assault of Syd (Rachel Keller) in the season two finale. It remains to be seen how—and how much—Legion will handle this storyline going forward, and if it explores it with honesty, and with its victim as much as its main protagonist. I’m not particularly optimistic in this regard, but it’s certainly plausible that a showrunner of Noah Hawley’s caliber knows what he’s doing here.

The two previous season premieres have been packed with a wide assortment of nonsense bordering on gibberish, some of which turn out to have deeper meanings and ties to the overarching story being told. It rewards careful viewing and patience, so making any real determinations based on 45 minutes of screentime about what’s going to end up mattering by the end is a crap-shoot.

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