North Korean leader Kim Jong Un asked Russian President Vladimir Putin for help dealing with President Trump — pleading for a hand in resolving Pyongyang’s nuclear stalemate with the US, according to a report.

The two heads of state met in a historic summit Thursday that lasted more than three hours on a university campus in the Russian city of Vladivostok.

“Chairman Kim Jong Un himself asked us to inform the American side about his position,” Putin told reporters.

“There are no secrets here. We will discuss this with the Americans and our Chinese partners.”

Russia had extended an invitation to the North Korean leader nearly a year ago, but Kim only agreed to come when his second summit with Trump broke down in February with no agreements to relieve UN sanctions, according to Fortune magazine.

North Korea has since groused that several intermediaries — including US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo and the South Korean government — aren’t adequately conveying his message to Trump.

“I had candid and meaningful talks with Putin on developing friendly relations between North Korea and Russia,” Kim said at a reception with the Russian leader.

Putin’s role allows him to remain plugged into a security dispute involving mostly the US and China.

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