Keanu Reeves is gonna Wick your ass — over and over again.

The John Wick action series doesn’t get bogged down in such silly trivialities as character development, plot, dialogue, morals or any of the usual rubrics most films follow. Instead, these fun flicks are just loosely connected, extremely violent fight scenes starring Neo from “The Matrix.”

And why the hell not?

At the beginning of this super-macho third chapter, “Parabellum,” master hit man Wick grabs a library hardcover and uses it like nunchucks to bludgeon a thug to death, leaving the victim covered in, um, bookmarks. Badass. He later winds up, quite conveniently, in a rare sword and gun warehouse where most of his opponents get blades rammed through their skulls. Awesome. Wick then rides a horse down a busy road in Queens and shoots a guy driving in the other lane. A New York road rage fantasy.

At this point in director Chad Stahelski’s film, blood has been spilled but hardly a word has been uttered. All we know is that Wick has been made “excommunicado” by the High Table, a top-secret crime syndicate, and the price his ideally dead body carries is $14 million.

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