President Trump and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio agree: Joe Biden should be ashamed of his support for the 1994 crime bill.The bipartisan legislation that was long a point of pride for President Bill Clinton — who signed it into law — is now in such malodor that CNN the other day identified it in a chyron as the “infamous” crime bill.

Trump says that African-Americans won’t vote for someone who supported the crime bill, which he calls a “dark period in American history” that Biden should apologize for.” De Blasio, the no-hope presidential candidate, agrees, deeming the crime bill “a painful era in our nation’s history.”

Biden will have a lot of explaining to do about the bill, in the Democratic primaries and now, it’s clear, even in a potential general election.

The legislation was a mixed bag — including an ineffectual assault-weapons ban and billions for supposed prevention — representing the blunderbuss approach typical of sweeping bipartisan federal legislation.

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