MILFORD, N.H. — They were waiting for Bernie Sanders, this crowd of better than a thousand people, spanning three indoor tennis courts at an athletic club, wearing their Bernie hats, their Bernie shirts, their Bernie socks.

“He’s what a politician is supposed to be,” Donald McCullough, 55, a long-haired restaurant staffer and graphic designer, told me over the sounds of an all-woman rock band called Bad Larrys—this evening’s opening act of Sanders’ increasingly concertlike rallies. “Politicians are supposed to be working for us.”

“A candidate who will fight for the working class,” said Mike Bizier, 27. “A candidate who has been consistent for 50 years.”

“I never really paid attention to politics,” said Cara Ciminello, 24, with her fiancé, Peter Sughrue, 25, “and then we heard Bernie, and we were, like, ‘He’s actually giving us a voice. He’s actually saying what we want to hear,’ so then we got behind him—and now we won’t stop till he’s in the White House.”

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