Feel like you’re dragging yourself to work every day only to count down the minutes until it’s time to go home? You could be stuck in work rut.

“People sometimes are in a rut and don’t always realize it,” said Kim Monaghan, a career coach. “They feel something is broken and they feel unhappy.”

Signs include boredom, lack of motivation and inspiration, feeling like you aren’t adding value to the company, and not executing tasks to the best of your capabilities.

But feeling stuck at work doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to find a new job.To climb out of a work rut, you have to identify the good and bad aspects of your job.Once you know the responsibilities that you enjoy and do well, see if you can delegate some of the other duties that might be dragging you down.

“Figure out how to tweak the situation to get some momentum,” said Katy Hansell, a career and leadership coach.Workers not in a management position can meet with their manager for an “an exploratory conversation” to talk about their responsibilities and strengths.

“The employee enters into this conversation with a curious, teaming objective and may have formulated some ideas about what aspects of their job they would like to carve out and assign to a peer,” Hansell said. “If it is presented as an opportunity for the employee to devote more of their time and energy into the aspect of their job that they excel at, it becomes a win/win scenario for their boss.”

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